Peace of mind, pet care and security.

Home and Pet Sitters4U specialise in helping home and pet owners by giving them peace of mind in pet care whilst they are away from their homes. Our trusted sitters will stay in your property during your absence, look after your animals and keep your house safe, acting as a deterrent against burglary, vandalism or squatters.
We stay for a day or however long you need us. Whether your pets are domestic animals, or you have a mixture of indoor or grass kept animals, we have the right person to look after them in your absence.

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Using our sitters means that your pets can remain in their own familiar surroundings and not endure the stress of being moved to kennels or an unfamiliar property.This means there is no interruption to the daily routine and you can relax, enjoy your holiday or focus on your business trip with confidence that your animal friends are safe and well.
All of our home and pet sitters are specially selected to suit particular situations and many are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of animals.Our sitters are personally interviewed by us and all have valid DBS certificates.The team are all animal lovers very reliable and trustworthy and when working for HAPS4U they are covered by our £5m Public Liability Insurance.

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