About us

Home and Pet Sitters 4UProviders of live-in pet and house sitters in Kent Sussex Surrey in the UK, HAPS4U is dedicated to providing an excellent service for its clients. We pride ourselves on meeting the requirements of our clients professionally, with the utmost of discretion, reliability and integrity.
Having owned an assortment of pets all of our lives, from dogs, cats, horses, foal and also goats, we are very passionate about our animals and care for them dearly. Our own experiences led us to form Home and Pet Sitters 4 U after we had unsuccessfully tried to find a high standard of pet care that did not involve kennels or leaving our animals.
Finding someone reliable and kind to ‘live-in’ at your home and look after your pets that you adore, was for us extremely difficult.
 For us, using kennels or a cattery were not options, as my cats would have been very upset and this way they could stay in their own home with all their routine staying the same.
 To have the same food, their own bedroom and all their normal smells around them is really important, and we did not have to worry about any possible infections.The same rules applied to our dog, a beautiful Rottweiler, so we needed to come home to very happy pets with minimal levels of  disruption in their lives.
The reason we are in business providing HAPS4U’s pet sitter service is because we care, and because we found it to be such an ordeal to find pet and house sitters to meet with our standards. Our sitters are very carefully selected and managed, which means that our clients can rest assured their pets are cared for in the way they would wish.
So whatever your pet is, small or large, indoor or outdoor HAPS4U can help you to provide a secure and comforting home based environment by ‘staying while you are away’.

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